Meet AerisWeather's WebGL-based weather maps.

The future of weather mapping is here.

Easily customize and integrate a variety of high-quality, vector-based weather data, imagery, and visualizations into your applications and custom solutions.


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Why MapsGL?

Our WebGL weather maps greatly improve and expand upon our existing Maps offering, plus a host of added benefits.

Full Customization

The WebGL technology behind MapsGL leverages the data and not imagery files, so the data’s display can be adjusted on the fly to suit your application’s needs. This includes color ramps, styling, animation, densities, and more.  Choose to customize using guides from our extensive documentation library, or select from our library of pre-styled layers.

Smooth Animations

MapsGL’s gorgeous animations make it fast and easy to understand the data you’re visualizing. Instead of stitched-together images, the data flows seamlessly through your animation timeline.

Premium User Experience

Visualize global weather and geospatial data as never before with new, enhanced, and custom mapping features. MapsGL makes telling your weather story limitless.

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